Adopt A Pet


Adopt A Pet

Adopt a Pet

 Next November 18, 2016
10 to 3 pm.

Village Green

Adopt an animal event took place in the Village Green Area . We had a variety of pets to adopt from kittens , cats , rabbits and a puppy . The Humane Society had an information table as well to let the public know what services they provide to the public and what they do to take care of the animals at the the shelter.  Around 400 people stopped by to see the animals today , it was a great day for both people and animals.
Thanks to the Humane Society. 


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 VictoriaVille Centre  VictoriaVille Centre, in the heart of the
Fort William Business District!!!

 VictoriaVille Centre



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April 16th and May 14th

VictoriaVille Centre

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