PADay April 22nd 2016

Bicycle Safety

PADay Fun for the Whole Family

VictoriaVille Centre, April 22nd 

11 am to 2 pm -  Friday

Thunder Bay Police

Thunder Bay Police Resource Officers will be providing children and parents with bike safety tips and safe cycling information.


Petrie Cycle & Sports

Petrie's Cycle & Sports will be doing a free Bike Clinic on Bike Maintenance.

Thunder Bay District Health Unit    
Marsha Brubacher, a public health nurse  will be there to provide the information
to children as they arrive at the cycling station. We will discuss general cycling safety tips, helmet fit, safe cycling attire, and proper hand signals. 

Play Safe, Have Fun

Photos from 2016 March Break Event


This Free Event in Victoriaville Centre's Village Green is hosted by

the Merchants of Victoriaville Centre

Victoriaville Centre

Supported by:

 Thunder Bay Police

Fort William BIA

 Thunder Bay District Health Unit  Petrie's Cycle




Lake Superior Coffee 


FB LS Coffee










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