Native Arts and Craft Show

Native Arts And Craft Show

May 28th to 31st 2014

 George Price  Triple K Art

Left George Price; Centre Triple K Art;  Right Lloyd Kakepetum 
 Lloyd Kakepetum

The Largest Gathering of Aboriginal Artisans in Northern Ontario

Victoriaville Centre

Aboriginal Artworks Group of Northern Ontario

Victoriaville Native Arts & Crafts Show


Aboriginal Artworks Group of Northern Ontario (AAGNO) was founded by John Ferris and well known First Nation Artist.

 This group began in 2001 with 32 artisans of Thunder Bay and the NAN area of Treaty 9, and tried to showcase their traditional aboriginal artworks such as moccasins, mukluks, mitts, native apparel, jewelry etc.  Over the years my group has grown to 200 artists and artisans, who now come from Toronto, London, Winnipeg, from south of the border-USA, from Manitoulin Island to Fort Severn, the Nishnabe-Aski Nation area, and Treaty 9.

Many of the elders continue to create their traditional artworks, as well as new and upcoming young artists and artisans, and this event has become the largest gathering of traditional aboriginal artists that create artwork from both raw material and the new. They have many various art styles and techniques that express their culture.  At this festive season, hundreds of people from Thunder Bay and region come to this event to meet and greet the artists and artisans at Victoriaville Center. We are very proud and fortunate for the support and sponsorships that we receive yearly from the BIA Victoriaville Center,  local aboriginal organizations, and Cliffs Natural Resources, Nuna, NAN, NADF and Constance Lake First Nation.

AAGNO has become a major player in the aboriginal traditional arts sector of Northern Ontario. We anticipate further arts events showcasing our traditional artworks in Southern Ontario, and would like eventually to exhibit in China and Europe. Our ambition is to educate and promote the value and vitality of our heritage and culture through our traditional arts. We want to explain to the world the importance of these artworks and the preservation of traditional crafts that are still practiced by authentic Canadian Aboriginal Artists. These artists and artisans have learned their creation through learning handed down from generation to generation. Language, tradition, art, and heritage have been the strength of our people since time immemorial.