Heritage Tour 2016

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Photos from Today's Tour of Victoriaville Centre lead by Pam Cain, of the City of Thunder Bay Heritage Committee 

Heritage Week 2016 features tour of unique spaces.

Victoria Hotel
South East Corner of Victoria  at Syndicate Avenue

In the above photo is the Victoria Hotel.  Where on his 19th birthday, Neil Young composed Sugar Mountain,  November 12, 1964.  When he was touring with his Winnipeg band the Squires.

The City of Thunder Bay Heritage Advisory Committee will be hosting a tour of a unique indoor space that features street corners and historic buildings- the Victoriaville Centre on Saturday February 20th, 2016 at 11 am.

Victoriaville Centre is the perfect place for a Heritage Week tour in the middle of February.  Created in the 1980’s as a south core redevelopment plan, the enclosed mall space contains remnants of days past.  
Originally part of the McKellar homestead, as Victoria Ave was built up from Simpson Ave. the area north of Brodie Street began to be occupied.  With the Grain Exchange Building joining the Victoria Hotel on the corners of Syndicate and Victoria in 1913, and soon after the Orpheum Theatre on Archibald, the block grew to include the Metropolitan Department Store on Brodie Street.   Development continued and the street once bustled with street cars, Brill buses and those cruising the popular downtown strip.   Today with enclosed streets and heritage buildings this unique indoor touring experience will feature the history of Victoria and Syndicate Avenues.  

Hosted by the Thunder Bay Heritage Advisory Committee with the Fort William BIA as part of Heritage week the  tour of Victoriaville is on Saturday February 20th beginning at 11 am in the Centre Village Green.  

Since 1974, the Heritage Canada Foundation has designated the third Monday every February as Heritage Day in Canada. In 2016, Heritage Week will occur from February 15th to 21st. 

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