It's Christmas Time
Fort William BIA Tree Lighting Paterson Park

Ginger Bread House making

Sleigh Rides


Nov 20, 2015 Victoriaville Centre

Events started at 11 am. in Victoriaville Centre and continued in the Evening with entertainment in the Village Green

Fort William Male Choir


Free Range Ranch

The Fort William Business District BIA provided Wagon Rides for those attending the 21st annual Tree Lighting Ceremonies 

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Ginger Bread House and Ginger Bread Men Nov 20th

Visit Fort William Ginger Bread House
With support from Bulk Barn McIntyre Centre

Come and make your very own
Gingerbread House!

  PA Day program for children and teens will be held in Victoriaville Centre, November 20th , from 11 am to 2:30 pm.
Ginger Bread Men, December 22nd 11 a.m. to 2:30 pm.
It's FREE!

Sponsored by
Victoriaville Centre

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BIA Tree Lighting Ceremony Paterson Park

Tree Lighting

The BIA will be hosting the 21st Anniversary of the Tree Lighting Ceremony
in Paterson Park, starting Friday November 20th at 6 p.m.

 During the Ceremony  First Wesley United Church Choir will be singing and they will be  providing Hot Apple Cider. 

Paterson Park Tree Lighting

Sleigh Rides

Sleigh Rides  

On November 20th, Friday Evening after the Tree Lighting Ceremony, starting at 7:00 pm. Until 9 am.,

There will be sleigh rides as part of the Fort William BIA tree lighting festivities.

Free Range Ranch is a locally run farm by a small family out in O'connor Township, approximately 40km west of the city.  At any given time you can find us outside either working or playing with our many animals.

Our team are 2 Belgian geldings named Dick and Jim. Not only are they our work horses, they are also our babies, although very big babies. They are 10 years old and gentle giants. Both have been driving their whole working lives and were trained in Southern Ontario.  They have done numerous wagon/sleigh rides for both public events and private functions.

Money and food donated will go to the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club Breakfast program.

Their will be a collection box in the Village Green for food items for the Breakfast program until Christmas.

See below for more information on the Breakfast program.


Christmas Music in the Village Green

After the Tree Lighting

Friday November 2oth
Come back to the Village Green in Victoriaville Centre  for


Enjoy a
Hot Chocolate from Crock'N'Dial
and Robin's Eggs from Robin's Donuts

Enjoy performances by
Fort William Male Choir and the Singers "Jim and I".

Have some fun doing Art Activities with CAHEP
and be sure to get your photo with Santa.

Fort William Male Choir

 Returning again this year is very body's favourite duo,
Jim & I

They do a great job of Getting the Children involved in their music.

Jim  & I

Boys and Girls Breakfast Program

Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay

Their will be a collection box in the Village Green for food items for the Breakfast program until Christmas

Money and food donated will go to the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club Breakfast program.Sponsored by Victoriaville Centre.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay started Breakfasts programs in the City in 1991 and continue to be the leading agency in serving Breakfast Programs in the City.
The difference between us and other breakfast programs is that we serve hot food, not grab & go breakfast.
The have  have 9 sites in the City:
St Jude, St. Ann, St Elizabeth, St. Pius X, Corpus Christi, Vance Chapman, Algonquin, Claude Garton and our Vale Unit. Some of our sites have over 100 children daily which is very tough when you only have 15 – 20  minutes to ensure everyone is fed.  
The purpose is to ensure children receive a healthy meal to assist them in getting ready for the upcoming activities at school. We level the playing field by including anyone. There are many reasons why kids come to the Breakfast Programs. Some children don’t have the food at home, some do not like to eat right away in the morning, some ran late at home and didn’t have time, some would rather eat & socialize with their friends and there are some that feel safer inside the breakfast program than on the playground at school.
All of the breakfast club programs also have a leadership component where the children can come eat and then help serve to the other children attending the program.

We have to apply for funds each year. Currently we get funding from Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Red Cross Student Nourishment Program, Show Kids You Care, General Mills Fare Advantage Grant and United Way.

We have a staff person at each site to ensure the program is delivered daily.

Some examples of meals we serve are:
Hot Cereal with Fruit
Cold Cereal
Toast, bagels, English Muffins
Scrambled egg wraps
Breakfast Quesadillas
French toast
Fruit, Yogurt, Juice & Milk are served daily

Some of the Non-perishables that we would love to get as a donation are:

Cheerios (Just plain)
Rice Krispies
Corn Flakes
Raisin Bran Cereal
Bran Flakes Cereal
Quick Oats
Jam (strawberry or raspberry)
100 % Orange Juice
100 % Apple Juice
Whole wheat bread, bagels or english muffins
Sandwich bags (for latecomers to take food to class)
Cheese whiz
Cooking spray
Apple sauce
Instant Oatmeal packages
Muffin mix


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April 16th and May 14th

VictoriaVille Centre

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