Fort William Business Centre


    From the past, today into the future, the Fort William Business Centre is a two story modern office complex close to the  new Consolidated Courthouse

    The Fort William Business Centre part of  an enclosed pedestrian promenade, known as the Victoriaville Centre,  that serves as the central meeting place for employees of the various surrounding public and private institutions, including the City of Thunder Bay, Chartered Banks, , and tenants occupying the Chapples Building.

    With average daily traffic in excess of 6,500 patrons and complemented with a food court, the Fort William Business Centre is the perfect place to locate your business.

    The Fort William Business Centre in the heart of the former City of Fort William is located at  cornor of Victoria Ave at Syncidate

    The Fort William Business District  provides offices for Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Planners, Health Care Facilities, and other professional. The City of Thunder Bay has a number of City Departments Located in the Centre including Engineering, Planning and Community Services Division.

    Today There is a in migration to our City Core

    In the past few years especially in cities like Toronto, small city neighbourhoods are evolving.

    Today people are looking to return to the downtown cores, want to live work and play in one neighbourhood, They want to be able to cycle or walk  to work.

    They want to spend quality time with their families rather than facing a long commute every day.  As a result with the support of city council and their planning departments we could see a strong return to the city centre over the next few years.

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