The Royal Edward Arms

From the Roof of the Royal Edward Arms


This is a letter to the Editor that appeared in Saturday May 18, 2013 Chronicle Journal

Along with a photo taken from the roof of the Royal Edwards Arms

Chronicle Journal
Dear Sir:
 I would like to commend the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) for their wise decision to move out of the Royal Edward Arms.
I agree with McKellar Councillor Paul Pugh, who said that the Royal Edward Arms as an apartment building is plagued with problems including badly needed renovations.
During our Fort William Business District’s Strategic Planning process, it was made clear to us that there is a need for mixed housing in our BIA area.  The area would benefit from accommodations that reflect both market value and rent geared to income accommodations.

If the City sells the Royal Edward Arms to developers and they in turn transform the building into condominiums that would have a very positive affect on our area. This new condominium would complement the Glengowen Condominium (originally the Holiday Inn Hotel), which is across from City hall.

A healthy and sustainable neighborhood is one that has variety of people working and living in it. 
The redevelopment of the Royal Edward Arms would go a long way in improving the quality and character of our neighbourhood.

Thanks to the hard work of Mayor Hobbs and with Zone Policing coming to our area, it is our hope that there will be a drop in the criminal activity in the Fort William Business District. Increased enforcement will transform our neighbourhood into healthy and safe community which will benefit everyone.
JP Fraser is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fort William Business District BIA and owner of the Lake Superior Art Gallery and Frame Centre located in Victoriaville Centre.

JP Fraser